Moving Digital Mountains

No-nonsense software for Entrepreneurs.

Solving Entrepreneurs' Problems

We build software for entrepeneurs like ourselves. Our products solve problems. We focus on efficacy. We're building for the entrepreneurs who understand why this matters.

We use many technologies to build out our entrepreneurs toolkit, and our solutions often end up in SaaS platforms or WordPress plugins & themes.

Current Fledgling Project:

Build Profit.ioView

Learn how to take your engineering project from zero users to profitable product. Easy, developer-first training and tools to help you market software you've built effectively.

Marketing for Engineers

Previous Project:

Zero BS (Jetpack) CRMView (Jetpack) CRM

The Ultimate Entrepreneurs' CRM (for WordPress)

This was a joint venture with Mike Stott where by we built the best WordPress CRM available. This ended up being acquired by Automattic and went on to be rebranded Jetpack CRM.


We Build Tools

You may or may not see our products on Product Hunt or Tech Crunch. We often build for private launches to select audiences,and have delivered many joint venture products over the years.

Our Focus is Entrepreneurship

Our primary focus is on entrepreneurship. The autonomy gained by running your own ship will one day hopefully be a human right. For now, we must fight for our own dreams.

Through fledgling tools like, and a heavy investment in research and development, we hope to empower a generation of online entrepreneurs to do better business.


Minimum Effective Dose (MED)

The MED is the smallest effective input to produce a desired outcome.
Anything beyond the MED is wasteful.

Entrepreneurs Autonomy

Our lives are full of business interactions.
By acknowleging this, we can improve. Win-win-win business is the key.