StormGate Web Developers
StormGate is a web development company based in the United Kingdom.
We build apps, websites & communities, for general release and for clients.
We specialise in freelance coding and provide incredible turnarounds on small or complex projects.
  • WordPress Development
  • Self-Tooling
  • Innovative Internal Projects
  • Technology Exploration
  • E-Business Initiatives
Web Innovation & Exploration
  • Web App Prototypes
  • Rapid Web Development
  • Start-up Prototyping
  • Platform Development
  • API Integration
Rapid, Intelligent, Development
The StormGate Blog:
Posted on Tuesday 15th January, 2013

The internet runs on WordPress, with more than 59,000,000 blogs & websites running on (as well as potentially 100′s of millions of self-hosted blogs) you can’t deny that the well-known publishing framework is a substantial force in digital publishing....

Posted on Friday 9th November, 2012

Facebook. Twitter. Linked in. All 3 of these are undeniably huge. If you are creating a web app, how many of your potential customers use all 3? How about 2 or one? With over a billion people on Facebook it’s statistically unlikely that they don’t have an account on one of these three.